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What is the first rule of good nutrition?

1. Variety

2. Variety

3. Variety

This rule has been the platform on which Sleek & Sassy diets have been developed.  We begin with a solid nutritional foundation, our formulated pellet diet.  Developed and refined over the years with contributions from veterinarians, animal nutritionists and breeders, Sleek &  Sassy's advanced formula Complete Pellet Diet contains a complex variety of protein rich grain and grain concentrates providing carbohydrates, fiber and a balanced profile of all the essential amino acids.  We then add vitamins including, A, B-complex, D, E & K plus macro and trace minerals.  Natural fruit flavors are added to tantalize your pet's palate and improve acceptability.  This is blended with enzyme rich whole grain, seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables.  No food colorings, oils or preservatives are added.  The result is an advanced formula diet supercharged with variety and balanced nutrition designed to enhance the health and longevity of your Birds and Small Animals!  

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